Mindfulness, good for the health call it what you will I think cycling is good for the soul. Exchanging my oyster card and the daily commute for two wheels and the open road – well not really its London it can get bit busy was I think a good idea. The cramming, waiting and expense of the tube and not that I’m anti tube tends I think to delay ideas. What do I mean? Often when coming back or going to a job whether, choreographic, teaching, research, writing or just generally riding about. Whatever it is I find the tube tends to hold and put ideas on pause. When I cycle the journey becomes a filter of ideas and planning. What have I done today what do I need to do tomorrow etc. so when I get home, I am a little closer to understanding or figuring out whatever the working theme of that day is? As opposed to tube – ideas paused, get home only then I can start on the working out. So, I guess in my world by cycling, I am saving an hour or so a day by my two wheeled thinking. And I think my thinking is has become clearer because of cycling, I think. Well just a thought or thoughts more than anything else. Along with that cycling is good for health, fitness, and the pocket.

Here’s to cycling

Cycle safe, if you can change your daily route and experience different parts of the world there so much out there – I will save that BLOG for a different day.

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