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 Dance Consultant | Mentor 

Dance consultant in contemporary, hip hop dance and theatre with a focus on creative development alongside an extended historical knowledge of dance and its surrounding political and social environment going back 600 years in modern and world dance history for education, performance, organisational development, broadcast and print media.

First hand experience in the arts and commercially as a choreographer and performer along with extensive and ongoing research academically and personally allows for a unique perspective and evidence based knowledge of dance. This enables a clear perspective that can be tailored too your specific project or question.



- Dance archive on film, text or ephemera

- Creative development and direction

- Education development or direction

 Companies  worked with Include

BBC iWonder - From Juba to krumping: The development of street dance

Channel 4 - Street Sound and Style: Episode 2, Commissioned – Channel 4/iD


Robert Hylton has mentored and led individual and group sessions for over twenty years.



Creating goals, strategy and guidance for creative or organisational and personal development


Companies and organisations worked with include

Your Next Move - hip hop organisation

Process Festival - curated by Benji Reid

Marion North Mentoring Scheme

The Place


East London Dance 


Gloucester Dance


Simple  Cypher

Hype Dance Sheffield

Woking Dance

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