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Robert Hylton is a dance educator with over 30 years experience of teaching various dance styles and workshops nationally and internationally.


Dance Workshops, Classes and Residencies 

Available to higher education institutions, schools, and community programmes.


Dance History, Future and Critical Thinking

A reflective workshop connected to Robert's academic and creative background that looks at the many histories around hip hop and streetdance through critical text, video, archives, dialogue and the written analysis of dance, culture, social and political human experience.

Hip Hop Theatre

Creative workshops for studio based research or performance built through hip hop and streetdance movement, creative exercise’s, exchange and investigation for both narrative, abstract and foundational dance theatre practice.  

The AfroFuturist Lens - Afro Futurism as Performance

Exploring the intersection of Afrofuturism and Dance as a method for creative process and performance


Somatic Based Movement

Workshops emphasis street dance styles and, or contemporary dance with somatically focused movement to develop improvisational skill and confidence in solo, group work and performance - exploring weight transitions, stillness, grounded movement, dynamics, musicality, isolation, patterns, and personal movement development, or character and narrative movement.


Hip Hop and Streetdance

Popping, Locking, Breaking, Hip Hop and House

All hip hop and street based dance classes are taught by a team of knowledgeable dancers within each street dance style focusing first on foundation then into creative approaches to each individual street dance style into improvisation and freestyle with an emphasis on confidence in performance and informed practice.


UK Jazzdance

UK Jazzdance is an underground club dance unique to Britain grown out of the boogie and jazz funk dances of the early to mid-seventies clubs in London and around the UK of the time. From fast paced rapid footwork to extensive fluid lines UK Jazzdance tests the boundaries of different kinds of jazz music from hard bop, latin even broken beats. The workshop develops through the basic steps of fusion style UK Jazzdance based around the dance group IDJ and bebop style based around the dance group Brothers in Jazz. Once the basic steps have been built, we will work into improvisation methods around the styles and into personal movement.


Mixed styles

Mixed dance styles classes incorporate hip hop, streetdance styles, contemporary dance or personal movement, exploring the theory and fundamentals of fusion as a form. Music is used as a tool for exploration to enhance musicality, physical choices, character, set choreography and improvisational concepts.



Skills n Drills 

A one-week intensive workshop programme produced by Robert Hylton in professional hip hop dance training, lectures and creative workshops. Which aims to develop and train individuals who are interested in the art of hip hop dance as informed, able and articulate professionals. Skills n Drills is a transferable education residency package which means we can come to you!


Add on’s

CPD: Continued Professional Development


Please get in touch if you require further information

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