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Dance Workshops, classes and Residencies 

Hip Hop, Hip Hop Theatre, Afro Futurism as Performance, UK Jazzdance, Contemporary, Ballet, Abstract Dance and Performance

Particapant Quote

“I thought the tutoring was 1st class All of the tutors were gracious in their teaching, they shared not only their skills but there heart & souls”

Hip Hop Theatre

Creative workshops for studio or performance built through creative exercise’s, exchange and investigation for both narrative, abstract and foundational dance theatre practice.  

Afro Futurism as Performance

Imagining Different Worlds: The Afrofuturist Lens - exploring the intersection of Afrofuturism and Dance as a method for creative process and performance

Hip Hop

Popping, Locking, Breaking, House and Hip Hop

All hip hop and street based dance classes are taught by a team of knowledgable dancers within each street dance style focusing first on foundation then into creative approaches to each individual street dance style into improvisation and freestyle with an emphasis on confidence in performance and informed practice.

UK Jazzdance

UK Jazzdance is an underground club dance unique to Britain grown out of the boogie and jazz funk dances of the early to mid seventies clubs in London and around the UK of the time. From fast paced rapid footwork to extensive fluid lines UK Jazzdance tests the boundaries of different kinds of jazz music from hard bop, latin even broken beats. The workshop develops through the basic steps of fusion style UK Jazzdance based around the dance group IDJ and bebop style based around the dance group Brothers in Jazz. Once the basic steps have been built we will work into improvisation methods around the styles and into personal movement.

Contemporary dance

Workshops emphasis strong contemporary technique with somatically led release based movement focusing on weight transitions, grounded movement, dynamics, musicality and strong articulate lines, Partner work and improvisation.


Mixed styles / fusion

Mixed dance styles and fusion based class’s incorporate hip hop styles and contemporary dance, exploring the theory and fundamentals of fusion as a form. Music is used as a tool for exploration to enhance both musicality, physical choices, character, set choreography and improvisational concepts.


Skills n Drills 


A one-week intensive workshop programme produced by Robert Hylton in professional hip hop dance training, lectures and creative workshops. Which aims to develop and train individuals who are interested in the art of Hip hop dance as informed, able and articulate professionals. Skills n Drills is a transferable eduction residency package which means we can come to you!

Add on’s


Hip Hop dance history, anatomy and physiology lectures and arts management workshops, INSET Workshops, 

CPD - Continued Professional Development and mentorship.Movement Meditation: Exploring the intersection of Afrofuturism and Dance as a method for creative process and performance

Locate is a dance workshop programme developed by Robert Hylton over several years that focus's on 5 key points.

Locate Key Points:

1) Habits

2) Technique

3) Variation

4) Other

5) You?

Locate stems from kinaesthetic process as a means to enhance both technique and personal movement vocabulary guided by improvisational tasks, games, technique, choreographic development and creative tools.

Locate will take the participants through a process of personal dance research first by identifying there dance or movement habits! In order to break or affirm ways of moving to lead the participants into a new creative mindset, authority and confidence through Locate by asking simple questions to develop both the mind and body for performance.

Locate focuses on individual and group practice whether you are from hip hop, contemporary dance, ballet etc, professional, social or community, actor, other... or maybe that you simply like to dance and wish to explore your dance experience further.

Locate is transportable from body to body and is not bound by a specific technique or experience - instead Locate focuses on key questions as a means develop personal dance and movement practice.

Locate Questions

Who is the authority within/on your body?

Owning your habits?

What who are you giving ownership to?

Managing disruption?

Whats your story?

For more information on Locate please get in touch

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